Face Your Criminal Charges With Confidence

Face Your Criminal Charges With Confidence

Find out what a reputable criminal lawyer in Phoenix, AZ can do for you

If you're facing criminal charges in the Tempe or Phoenix, AZ area, don't hesitate to seek reliable representation. By contacting Rosov Law, PLLC, you can hire a criminal lawyer with years of experience handling traffic law and misdemeanor cases. Attorney Elijah W. Rosov has helped countless clients in the Phoenix, AZ area navigate their criminal cases, and he can help you, too.

Call 602-688-4397 today to speak with a criminal lawyer about your case. Schedule a consultation with attorney Rosov at your convenience.

Count on us to take on your case

Rosov Law, PLLC offers a variety of low-level felony, misdemeanor and traffic law services in the greater Tempe & Phoenix, AZ area. Reach out to our criminal lawyer for:

  • DUI representation
  • Traffic ticket representation
  • Plea negotiation and deviation requests

If your criminal case might affect your immigration status, contact Rosov Law, PLLC immediately. We'll do everything we can to make sure you achieve a favorable outcome for your case.