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Elijah Rosov has been licensed to practice law since November 2011.

He entered the legal field because of a desire to help others in a direct capacity. To that end, his fields of practice tend to involve direct contact with 'every day people'. Elijah has represented small business owners, troubled tenants, struggling borrowers, stressed out mothers and fathers, drivers with poor judgment, and recent arrivals to our country. These days he primarily focuses on the fields of Family Law, Immigration, and Minor Criminal issues.

His undergraduate background is in electrical engineering. Due to a horrific incident in which his motorcycle was in a collision with an semi-truck, he was unable to apply that education to his intended career path - Military Service. After recovering from his injuries he finished school took some time off to discover himself, and then shifted his career goals and enrolled in law school.

Since becoming licensed, Elijah Rosov has spent time employed as general counsel for a small technology company, and an associate at an immigration firm. He has spent most of his career as a solo attorney representing the 'little guy' and collaborating with others on larger projects.

Elijah Rosov of Rosov law specialisting in family, divorce, and immigration law

Elijah W. Rosov