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No matter the circumstances, you do everything you can to protect your family and your future. Shouldn't your family lawyer do the same? Rosov Law, PLLC understands the fear and frustration that comes from dealing with legal issues like divorce or immigration proceedings. You can count on attorney Elijah W. Rosov in Phoenix, AZ to help you move past your legal problems with ease.

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Rosov Law, PLLC can take on a variety of cases in the Tempe & Phoenix, AZ area. We have extensive experience practicing:

  • Family law, to help you separate from your spouse quickly and cordially
  • Immigration law, to guide you through the immigration process
  • Criminal law, to handle your traffic violations and misdemeanors

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Rosov Law, PLLC is dedicated to providing dependable criminal defense, family law and immigration law services to clients from the Tempe and Phoenix, AZ areas. You can trust us to handle your case because:

  • We're skilled-we have over seven years of experience practicing criminal defense law, family law and immigration law in Phoenix, AZ
  • We're accessible-we serve all of Maricopa County.
  • We're passionate-we do everything we can to help our clients protect their rights and their future

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